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Nemunas Delta Regional Park



Everywhere you look, nothing but water ...

The scenery of the Nemunas delta, with its two main arms, Atmata and Skirvytė, and the island Rusnė, which they surround, is unique.
Water is omnipresent and dominates the landscape: river arms branching out, the big lagoon lake Krokų Lanka and many other small lakes, all interwoven. You can also find ancient river beds, swamps and marshes. Particularly during the great Spring flood, the regional park makes an unforgettable impression. Your eyes wander limitlessly over enormous flooded delta meadows with many rare water birds. You can enjoy this breathtaking view until June, when the water slowly returns to the river beds.
The delta is famous for its large number of rare varieties of breeding birds. It is also an important resting area for migratory birds. In 1993, according to the Ramsar Convention, it was added to the list of internationally important marshlands. The purpose of the regional park is to preserve this uniquely diverse and constantly changing ecosystem.
Summer and Winter polders, dams and sluices shape this overwhelming panorama. Rising up out of it are the lighthouses Uostadvaris and Ventė.
The life of the people here is intimately connected with water. The village Mingė, for example, is called ”The Venice of Lithuania”. The town’s ”main street” is the river Minija. The old fishing village Skirvytėlė is a beautiful example of traditional architecture and houses an ethnological farm museum.
The waters of the regional park have always been full of fish. Today, as in the past, the people live mainly from fishing. This is also popular with holidaymakers. You can fish and go boating on virtually all the waters. You can hire boats, bikes and other items at the infomation centre in Rusnė. Nature trails, local museums and an exhibition about the Nemunas Delta in the information centre give you a deeper insight into the special features of the region.

Administration of the Neman Delta Regional Park
Nemuno 15
5730 Šilutė
Tel. +370 441 61685
Fax +370 441 75050

Neman Delta Visitor Centre (Branch of the Regional Park)
Pakalnės 40a, Rusnė
7531Šilutės raj.
Tel. +370 41-58 154

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8-17 h
Contact is in Lithuanian, English, German and Russian language possible.

Source (modified): Folder "Ecotourism around the Vistula and Curonian Lagoons"




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