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Around Polessk

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Where water forms the landscape ...

In the surroundings of Polessk, you will get to know and love the unspoilt charm of a region characterized by water.

This area in the Deime estuary abounds in water more than any other in the Kaliningrad region. Small rivers, swamps and bogs shape the panorama. Beyond the tourist trails, you can let your soul roam free in idyllic seclusion and absorb nature and scenery on hikes or canoe trips.

Enjoy a trip into the Deime estuary at Saliwino or into the "great marshland" at Gromovo. You must, however, only enter the marsh with a local guide, since every step off the path can be highly dangerous...

On a boat along a picturesque part of the river or on one of the calm canals, you can fully absorb the diversity and unspoilt nature of this water landscape. As you gently glide along, you will meet numerous different types of bird. If you suddenly see a shadow in front of the sun, it could be the black stork who has just glided over you. And perhaps your canoe will meet one of the fishermen who put out their nets in these fish-laden waters.

Fishing can be a rewarding and relaxing activity for you, too, in this peaceful region.

The town of Polessk developed in the 13th century out of a settlement of fishermen and craftsmen. The settlement grew in significance in the 17th century with the building of the Polesskij canal, which connects the rivers Deime and Neman. This canal was an important trade route between Poland and Lithuania.

Today, it is above all fishing and fish processing which plays a decisive role in local industry. Old East Prussian country houses in the Polessk region - some of them, such as in Mojskoje, have magnificent parks - give a glimpse of the grandeur of the past.

You can get more information on local business and accommodation in the Polessk region at the local authority of the Department of Polessk.

Source: Folder "Ecotourism around the Vistula and Curonian Lagoons"




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