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Curonian Spit National Park (Lt)



Where the sand drifts into the lagoon ...

The Curonian spit - a land of mighty dunes and unspoilt nature. A paradise for nature-loving holidaymakers in search of calm and relaxation. A landscape created by the sea, the wind and by man, with high dunes, large bathing beaches and dense forests. You will quickly fall under its spell.
The immense sand mountains such as the Vacekrugo, 67 metres high, are said to be the highest dunes in Northern Europe and afford delightful views of the fascinating scenery. Marshy forests and hot sand can be found side by side.
The old, reed-covered wooden fishermen’s houses, with their traditional brownish-blue colour, fit harmoniously into the spit landscape. Because of its cultural value, the entire Curonian spit was put on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites in the year 2000.
Hop on your bike to discover for yourself the most beautiful parts of the Curonian spit. A cycle path takes you from Nida to the Baltic coast via Preila and Pervalka. Signs point out interesting sights along the way. Rest areas next to the path invite you to take a short breather.
You can also explore the Curonian lagoon from the water, on a traditional Curonian fishing boat (Kurena).
In the town of Nida, you will be walking in the steps of Thomas Mann. He spent the summer months here in his holiday home. Today, the Thomas Mann House contains a cultural centre and an exhibition devoted to the great writer.
The natural history museum and the Lithuanian National Park visitor centre in Smiltynė present interesting information about the Curonian Spit. An amber museum, an exhibition about traditional handcrafts and a turn-of-the-century fishing farm, as well as the Thomas Mann House, can all be found in Nida.
During the summer months, you can hire bikes in any town or village. You can get detailed information about the various activities and sights from the tourist information centres in Juodkrantė and Nida.

Further information you can get on the website of the Curonian Spit National Park (Lt).
Source: Folder "Ecotourism around the Vistula and Curonian Lagoons"




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