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Landscape Park Vistula Spit



Where old pine forests invite you to take a walk ...

Water and land, intimately entwined, make up the Polish part of the Vistula Spit. In Poland, it is called the Vistula Spit. It delights its visitors with a beautiful sandy beach almost 50 km long and with diverse dune formations.
The spit as a geomorphological feature of the southern Baltic Sea was created after the last Ice Age from the sand masses brought by the Vistula. Wind, the weather, water and, later, man, formed this special landscape over the centuries. today, it is protected as a nature reserve.
The Russian part of the Vistula Spit is no less interesting and unspoilt, but at the moment it is a military zone and not yet officially accessible.
On your walks or cycling tours in the glorious pine forests, you will breathe in a particularly healthy air, spiced with ethereal pine oils.
On the Vistula Spit, you will find diverse coast formations, from the long, strung-out flat coast to the bizarre sloping coast. Natural vantage points on the peaks of the giant dune embankment, such as the ”camel hump”, 49 metres above sea level, provide delightful views of the unique Vistula Spit panorama.
By taking a ship from Krynica Morska across the lagoon towards the Landscape Park Elbląg Upland, you can get to know the area from the water, too.
Bird-lovers will have much enjoyment here, since the area lies on the most important migratory bird path in Europe. In the nature reserve ”Kąty Rybackie”, you can find the largest breeding colony of cormorants in Poland. It is one of the largest in Europe.
In the environmental education centre at Piaski, they offer instruction and guided walks for schoolchildren and adults. In the summer months, this centre also offers accommodation, camping and catering facilities. You can get further information, for example about the leaving times of the passenger ships, at the Intermunicipal Union of lagoon shore communities and in the tourist information centres in Elbląg and Krynica Morska. The latter is open throughout the summer months.

Source (modified): Folder "Ecotourism around the Vistula and Curonian Lagoons"




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